I've been working as an Interaction Designer at SAP Labs Canada for over 11 years now (since 2005). The product that I'm currently working on is SAP Analytics Cloud. I've been working in the field of User Experience for over 13 years now and it has become more and more interesting every year.

My background includes Mechanical Engineering studies and a degree in Architectural Design. I stumbled upon User Experience when I was selected for an internship at Corel Corporation. Since then, I have worked to improve the usability and interaction design of a number of diverse products and features.  

I have experience working with global teams and have had the opportunity to work at SAP's Paris office for 2 years. I have collaborated remotely with colleagues in Shanghai, India, Israel, Germany, UK, France and the US, so I'm familiar and at ease in these situations. 

I work closely with internal stakeholders to gather business and technical requirements. I also work with developers and engineers to learn the strengths and constraints of the technology we use.

I enjoy planning, moderating and synthesizing research activities (i.e. Design Thinking, guerilla Usability Testing, etc.), selecting the most applicable activity that will give us the best insight into our end users' needs and pain-points. The part I love the most is bringing all of these data points together to produce a design that we can continue to validate and improve over time.

My strengths in UX design include:

  • facilitating brainstorming and requirements-gathering sessions with stakeholders,
  • drafting initial sketches and taskflows,
  • journey-mapping, 
  • moderating design validation activities with users, 
  • producing deliverables from wireframes to high-fidelity pixel-perfect specs. 
  • I have very strong empathy and highly developed interpersonal skills.

My plans for the future include mentoring designers, working on mobile apps, and continuing to develop my skills in this continuously-changing field of design.

I cling to the belief that designers don't have all the answers. My process is highly dependent on communication and collaboration and I prefer to work in a highly-collaborative and open team environment. It's also more enjoyable.


TRUST + TRANSPARENCY + collaboration


If you would like to collaborate or just chat, send me a note.


This is where I currently UX:
Beautiful Vancouver, BC

I am delighted to recommend Darlene’s work as a User Experience designer. Darlene’s interaction design skills are first rate: she has an innate understanding of how to design elegant, easy-to-use interfaces that are appropriate to the user tasks, and she is capable of taking the design lead on any project. Darlene has successfully collaborated with cross-functional project team members, including product managers, program managers, and developers, in order to create final designs that fulfill both user needs and project requirements/timelines. Darlene also has experience running usability studies and incorporating the analysis of the findings into the final design. Darlene would be an ideal asset to any User Experience team.
— Lee McIntyre, managed me directly at SAP
Darlene is a designer who truly puts users first and seeks to understand their challenges before solving the problem. Her empathy for the end user experience, and for her teammates, shows in her actions. She is a natural at applying the Design Thinking approach!
— Jennifer Coleman, Change Expert at SAP who co-facilitated DT sessions with me
Starting with only a basic prototype, Darlene produced a complete vision for a new application. Darlene was flexible and responsive to feedback from the development team during implementation, adjusting the design to shifting priorites, and offering creative solutions. Positive and practical, Darlene was a pleasure to work with.
— James Snook, SAP Engineering Lead collaborated with me on SAP Financial Information Management
Darlene is a very focused and results-oriented designer. She has demonstrated the ability to quickly grasp user research methods and deploys them successfully. When communicating results, she advocates user needs to stakeholders and provides guidance regarding improvements for the application design, offering solutions in addition to issues.
— Conny Petrovic, SAP User Researcher, worked with me on a Summative Usability Test for the FIM product


For a list of current references, contact me here.



  • User-centered design
  • Agile processes
  • Sketching, wireframing, prototyping, specifications
  • UX guidelines documents
  • Usability Testing
  • “Guerrilla” user validation
  • Persona creation
  • Design Thinking
  • Global cross-site UX team and stakeholder collaboration


Prototyping and Specs:
Sketch, Zeplin, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Framer, Balsamiq, pen and paper, post-it notes and whiteboards.

Usability Testing:
Morae, Camtasia

JIRA, Trello, Slack, SAP Jam,



Bachelor of Architectural Studies - May 2003
Carleton University, Ottawa, ON


relevant experience

SAP Labs Canada, Vancouver, BC
April 2010 - present

Currently working on SAP Analytics Cloud, a cloud-based business intelligence solution:

  • Design Lead for Assistance features: establishing a vision for user assistance within the application, collaborating with workstream engineering leads to develop a roadmap based on development and UX team resources, iterating on design mockups and providing specs as needed.
  • Re-designed error message notifications: provided pattern guidelines and specs for the common control.
  • Contributing to the re-design of data modeling and data wrangling workflows.

Previous work: Lumira, a cloud analytics product:

  • Formed a part of the core UX Feature Harmonization team for Lumira.
  • Focused on UX Pattern and Guidelines development and communication to a wider development organization.

SAP Labs Canada, Vancouver, BC
May 2013 - June 2016

  • Design Thinking activities with the purpose of educating and facilitating the engineering teams to employ user-centric and empathic thinking in their work.
  • Developed and proposed a strategy for regular usability validation for Lumira, a cloud-based analytics product.

SAP BusinessObjects S.A., Paris, France
February 2008 - April 2010

  • Lead UX designer for Financial Information Management (an extract-transform-load tool): collaborated regularly with global engineering team to deliver mockups and specifications.
  • Assisted user researchers in analysing and synthesizing usability test results, and successfully presenting these results to stakeholders.
  • Contributed to the re-design of the Business Planning and Consolidation product: interviewed stakeholders to complete swim-lane diagram of main planning users and worked closely with product management to deliver mockups and specs.

BusinessObjects, Vancouver, BC
February 2005 - January 2008

  • Lead UX designer for crystalreports.com (an early SAAS offering for the sharing of Crystal Reports documentation online): delivered taskflows, mockups, specifications and icon designs.
  • Supported other business intelligence products for enterprise, as requested by design team colleagues.
  • Planned, recruited and moderated remote and in-house formative usability testing and heuristic analysis activities in conjunction with colleagues in Engineering.
  • Participated in contextual inquiry activities to uncover untapped opportunities for business intelligence products.

Corel Corporation, Ottawa, ON
MAY 2000 - AUGUST 2000 and  MAY 2001 - APRIL 2002

  • As a supporting designer, produced UI specifications, mock-ups, interactive presentations, visual designs of posters, icons and intranet website design.
  • Worked as an Intern and then Contractor before completing my BAS.
  • Contributed primarily to: CorelDRAW, CorelPAINT and WordPerfect.