Guardian of Usability

UX Lead at WorkSafe BC


UX Strategy & Toolbox

UX Design is more often than not a challenging progression of steps and detours. When there is synergy on a team, the result can be effective and useful.

Each project begins with empathy for the end-user. I employ user-centered design methodology to inform my designs and distill the various requirements, analyses and constraints to a design that makes most sense to our users.  


Highly variable process model. What underlines everything is the ability to empathize and understand the user.


Summary of Past Work

I am currently working as the first UX Lead at WorkSafeBC, establishing a design practice for the IT DevOps team. We are currently in the process of transferring legacy applications to the cloud, in a multi-year endeavour. If you would like to know more about this, please get in touch!

The most recent past work in my career has been spent as an Interaction / Product Designer on SAP Analytics Cloud. This cloud product offers a unique collection of analytics capabilities such as planning, predictive analytics, and business intelligence (BI). Click on the thumbnails below to enlarge the images:


Consolidated User Assistance

The Help pop-up needed some upgrading. In addition to this other knowledge resources were located on a number of different SAP portals around the web. Support helplines were difficult to get to and users had a challenging time obtaining the knowledge that they needed in a timely manner.

smart insights

The Smart Insights feature initially began as a proof of concept feature that did not get past this POC stage. As part of the full Predictive Analysis feature set, I was involved to flush out the user stories and improved workflows for the initial release. The idea was to simplify the design enough so that business users would have a good understanding of the predictive capabilities offered and be comfortable incorporating the feature into the analytics stories that they wanted to tell.

Enhanced Error Messaging

Error messages that were surfaced in the form of ‘toasts’ (pop-up elements) in our application were being implemented incorrectly and inconsistently by the product team. Messages were not unique and confused users further due to a lack of information. Many messages were not actionable, and not searchable anywhere in the application or the support portal.


User Research

A few photos of some moderation and analysis activities.